Yakityak's DH's Brisket

For a brisket for 7 - 8 people, put the brisket in a deep roasting pan. Pour in 2 bottles of barbeque sauce. Mix in 1/2 bottle to a bottle of red wine (try an inexpensive bottle of cabernet). Bring the liquid level above the top of the brisket with water. Put it in the oven covered on 375 F for 'forever'... at least 4 - 5 hours, but it can go longer.

Check it periodically to make sure it doesn't dry out and add water as necessary. Remove the brisket when you think it's done and cut the brisket crosswise with an electric knife. Serve the gravy separately (you'll have a ton of gravy).

Lately I've had a hard time finding kosher l'pesach barbeque sauce. So when I want to make this for pesach, I've had to make my own. Here's what I've used: Saute garlic in the oil until brown. Add remaining ingredients and reduce heat. Simmer for 15 minutes. Pour over brisket and mix with the red wine as mentioned above.

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