Sheep Princess's Passover Bagels

Boil the first four ingredients together. Add meal and stir quickly until it leaves the sides of the pan. When cool, add egg yolks 2 at a time. Then fold in egg whites. Grease hands and roll mixture out in hand and make dent with thumb. Bake in 400° F oven for 10 minutes and reduce heat to 350° F and bake for 50 minutes. Makes 18 bagels.

That's the way the recipe was given to me. When I make this, I spray the pans with non-stick cooking spray before I bake these. I also remove the pan with the first four ingredients from the heat before adding the meal. I don't separate the eggs, I simply add them whole, but that's mainly because I have a terrible time separating eggs. It works well, either way.

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