Yakityak's Salsa Verde

Husk the tomatillos and wash thoroughly. (Sometimes I resort to using dish soap and a nylon scrubbie to get the sticky residue off.) Blacken the tomatillos under the broiler on high at the top shelf of the oven, or blacken over a barbeque.

Take the stems off the serrano peppers, and remove the core if you are going to do so. Trim the ends of the stems from the cilantro, and place all the ingredients in the food processor. Fork in the lime juice.

Pulse on high until pureed.

NB: By American standards, 3 serranos is fairly hot. There are two ways to reduce heat. One is to use fewer peppers. The other is to remove the core and seeds from the peppers. The latter method is preferable because aside from heat, serrano peppers provide a distinctive flavor to the salsa. The bulk of the heat from peppers comes from the seeds and core (ribs).

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