Monica's French Crepe Recipe

I thought you all would like this. I have a friend on a list called jewish traditions and she is well French. I asked her if I could post her Recipes on here and she said sure.

whole wheat
1 or 2 eggs

Step 1 : Take a big bowl, put flour and salt inside and break the egg on the middle.

Step 2 : Mix that manually (with a fork or battering tool, but not mechanic), adding milk until the mixture is about as fluid as a milkshake.

Step 3 : Cover the bowl and let the mix rest for about one or two hours.

Step 4 : Mix again, add a little more milk (should look like a thick fruit juice, except for the color)

Step 5 : Put some butter and oil in a pan, and let it cook for a few minutes.

Step 6 : Put a little bit of the sauce in the pan, very low heat. It should look like a very thin pancake.

Step 7 : When you see tiny bubbles of the surface of the crepe, flip it over.

Step 8 : Add whatever ingredients you like while the crepes, but not too much, since you will have to fold the crepe afterwards (I personally like vegetable mix with LOADS of cheese. but my favorite of all times is goat cheese mixed with thin slices of apple)

Step 9 : Re-do from step 6 for everyone in the family, and add a little oil every two or three crepes.

Step 10 : Sit down and eat, and hand your husband this note so he can make the next one himself. So here it is ! ;-) Love to all, Shabbat shalom !

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