Chicken Soup Tips - Culled from the Jewish Cuisine Forum

We have a folder on the Jewish Cuisine forum for people to divulge their secrets and post their opinions about the penultimate Ashkenazic Jewish dish... chicken soup. I'd be glad to add your tips or 'magic ingredient' to the list... just post it to the forum!

Tips from Yakityak

Tips from Bridgetx
The parsnip is a key ingredient, but I find that good chicken soup is as much about process as ingredients. My future mother in law makes, without equal, the finest chicken soup i have ever eaten. The differences between her recipe and others I have seen are all related to how the soup is made rather than what precisely goes into it. One thing she does is puts the chicken in water, bring it to a boil and skim off the shmutz that bubbles to the top right away. She has many other tricks, but I can't spill all the family secrets!

Magic ingredients from Yael Aldrich
  1. The parsnip (like Yakityak)
  2. A parsley root when I can get it
  3. Fennel with the green stuff if possible
  4. Most important, tumeric. I learned this from some Mizrachi friends who serve hibeh (jellified fenugreek seeds and chopped coriander with other hot stuff). The tumeric adds the rich yellow color that some anemic kosher chickenscan't give and it adds a light untouchable flavor people always ask about.

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