Mark's Matzah Brei (fried matzah)

2 - 3 sheets per person
2 eggs per person
one onion, chopped

Moisten the matso under cool running water, alternating sheets, until the matzo starts to fall apart. Break matzo into a large bowl, crumble into quarter-sized pieces.

Beat eggs and add to matzo, stir well. (Should be good and soggy!)

Heat 1/4" oil in large fry pan, add onions and saute until translucent. Some people (my mother) remove the onions at this point and just use the flavored oil, but I like to keep the onions in the oil.

Add matzo to pan and cook over medium high heat. turn occaisionally, but not too often. Salt as it cooks.

Matzo is done when a crust has formed on the matzo.

Serve, enjoy!

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