Bridgtx's chicken salad

My favorite chicken salad recipe is very simple. Having spent many years in the deep south I subscribe to the belief that true chicken salad contains real mayonnaise (Miracle Whip is as much anathema to a Southerner as instant tea) and white meat only. Bake the chicken breasts (skin and bones intact) in a shallow pan. Pour about a half cup of dry vermouth (no kidding, I discovered this one day when I was out of white wine. It's wonderful) over the chicken breasts, cover the pan with foil and bake them for about an hour. If kosher is not an issue, drape a few bacon slices over the chicken too. It's good either way.

Cool, skin, bone and chop the chicken. You can make a great sauce out of the chicken juices if you want. Usually I bake enough chicken for the salad and dinner.

Into the chicken mix mayonnaise (Hellman's or Best Foods is the only mayonnaise for me, but suit yourself) and some chopped pecans. That's it. You can add more stuff, but the simplicity of this particular chicken salad is delicious.

OK I admit it I'm insane. No normal person would be this obsessive about chicken, but i suspect I'm in similar company around here!

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